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Company Overview

The word Afrishare means bringing people together in Africa to share experiences, expertise and resources for the further development of one world community that promotes cooperation, tolerance, peace and humanitarian support. People come to Africa, especially Tanzania, to share and exchange different opportunities with local community. 


Through an exchange of ideas and knowledge, Afishare will help Tanzania improve their work ethic, tap into their passion, and implement lasting and self-replicating change through Tanzania.


To support on-going community projects through volunteering, Eco-tourism, exchange programs, cultural understanding and education. To work hand-in-hand with local and international communities for the sustainability of all people’s unique needs.

volunteer building
Placements are assigned according to your preference and experience

Volunteer Placements

We will place Individuals according to skills and interest. Individuals enrolled in the Volunteer Abroad or Internship Abroad programs will complete a Skills and Interests Survey, which helps us to match you with a local Partner Program. This ensures that you are volunteering in a project that interests you and that the local Partner Programs can also benefit from your work.

Volunteer Programme

Are you passionate about making a positive impact and considering volunteering in Tanzania? This East African nation offers a plethora of opportunities across various fields for individuals eager to contribute to community development. Whether your interests lie in education, healthcare, conservation, or social work, Tanzania has a diverse range of projects that welcome volunteers.


Cultural Learnings

Most of your learning will take place through everyday interactions with community workers. However, we do some classroom based learning of swahili, cultural orientation, translation/interpretation, and briefing on Tanzania to foreigners and visitors. Language learning is essential to make more of their stay by being able to communicate and interact with people of Tanzania. 


Swahili Course

At the end of this course students will speak survival swahili using simple vocabulary in different situations, e.G. Introducing oneself, asking and answering simple questions. 

Maasai Culture

The maasai are emblematic of africa for a reason, more so Tanzania and kenya where they have now settled despite their long history of nomadic travels. 

Cooking Lessons

Learn different cooking style and recipes from our professional cooks and chefs local flavored food, african cooking which you can enjoy making when you return home. 

Volunteer Accommodation

A volunteering journey with afrishare solutions offers not only the chance to make a positive impact but also a unique and enriching living experience in Tanzania. At afrishare solutions, we understand the importance of comfortable and secure accommodations for our volunteers, ensuring that your stay complements the meaningful work you’re contributing to the local community.

what to do during your free time in Tanzania

Maximize your free time during volunteering with our trusted partner Afrishare Trekking and safaris, providing a balanced blend of wildlife adventures and cultural exploration.

Safari in Tanzania

A safari in Tanzania after your volunteering experience is a wonderful way to complement your efforts with a memorable and adventurous exploration of the country’s stunning natural beauty. Tanzania is renowned for its diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and iconic national parks. Tanzania not only rewards you with incredible wildlife encounters but also allows you to unwind, reflect, and marvel at the natural wonders that make Tanzania a top safari destination.

Trekking in Tanzania

Trekking in Tanzania provides not only physical challenges and stunning landscapes but also opportunities for cultural immersion and self-discovery. Whether you’re reaching the summit of mount kilimanjaro or exploring the diverse trails around mount meru, Tanzania’s trekking experiences will leave you with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for its natural wonders.